Senior Software Engineer (also available for full remote working)

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Job Description

Please note that this is a full remote working position

We are a digital travel company, with tech at its core, currently looking for motivated problem-solvers who will embrace the end-to-end responsibility of building, delivering and evolving relevant products.

As a senior software engineer in, you will work in our Product Engineering team and directly impact the lives of a global population of travellers.

You will be involved in building and developing our own scalable and resilient platforms to support an ever-growing number of customers.

From the first day with us, you’ll experience working in a company with a growing-sharing culture with a lot of opportunities to improve existing products, bring new ideas to life.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, write and test high-quality software by using a range of practices like TDD, DDD, Clean Code or SOLID Principles
  • Create resilient, secure, and performant applications able to serve millions of requests per day
  • Define the best technical solution and infrastructure for new features together with architects, always focusing on CI / CD
  • Be responsible for the quality of the delivery
  • Be responsible for the performance, reliability and scalability
  • Use tech expertise to proactively find solutions to solve complex issues, understanding and considering the business needs
  • Contribute positively to the team s technical growth, sharing your technical knowledge by interacting with your peers in the day by day activities
  • Make real impact Influencing and guiding engineers working in the whole product engineering department
  • Collaborate effectively with engineers, architects, and stakeholders from multiple teams to solve complex problems to deliver end-to-end solutions


  • Strong experience as a Software Engineer programming in OO / FP languages but preferably in JVM : Java or Kotlin
  • Previous experience working with Clean code, SOLID principles and Agile mindset,
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to make decisions based on data
  • Ability to understand the business requirements
  • Positive and collaborative attitude
  • Growth mindset
  • Fluency in English both written and spoken


  • previous working experience in startup or product company
  • previous experience with XP practices

Additional Information

What we offer

  • Possibility to work in an international agile environment using eXtreme Programming practises
  • Dedicated time for personal growth
  • Bleeding edge technology stack (Java and Kotlin, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes and more ...)
  • Continuous learning program with technical internal sessions
  • Access to online learning platform like O’Reilly
  • Possibility to join conferences around Europe for continuous improvement
  • Coding Dojo : a weekly training to learn and share coding techniques during office hours
  • LM-Talks : our very own knowledge sharing internal sessions

Hiring Process

Candidates for this position can generally expect a hiring process similar to the following (note that depending on location and availability, the process may be slightly modified and can be completed in its entirety within 2-3 weeks).

  • Selected candidates receive the first feedback on their application from our recruitment team
  • HR interview : We will have a talk of production on technical aspects, experiences and analysis of possible personal scenarios
  • Technical interview : Candidates will have the opportunity to meet our technical leaders while doing a pair session with them using an exercise to evaluate skills.

consider the exercise as a day by day work and it is not important to close all the points of the exercise, but it is important how you reason on it and how you execute it)

Interview follow-up : Candidates will receive feedback from our recruitment team

Do you want to know more about our technologies? You can see our technological stack .

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